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 Beyond the body that we have up until now willingly surrendered to carry you on your journey, I have given my heart to you so that you would know the world through different eyes. We have chosen each other from a long present past. Looking into you, I do not speak lightly of the inner truth you have forgotten. Love yourself, reclaim the freedom to live your wildest dreams, renew your faith in the invisible, strengthen your will and calm your mind you are not alone you are never alone our hearts beat in the same chest. I love you.

The race is hastening you cannot wait any longer as the door is temporary, cross the threshold I too have been dreaming the weavings of a new dress for the Mother. What if I too am the earth dreaming of wedding you to rock, feather, frond and wind? Love my many faces and as you look in the mirror who do you see but the beauty of me inside of you? Release me to the dream, untie the ribbon that binds my wings.

Be still, I will take you, be still I will inspire you, untie the ribbon that binds your hair, the wind is calling. Breathe into me I am you. You are me.
There is no more map through the darkness, follow the strength pulse inside and remember fear cannot live in the heart.

Stay awake, as if you are dreaming. Now let’s walk through the fire and cross the oceans of doubt, the new dress awaits. 

and She said

I will see you on the other side of the long shadow

I know, I know I can fly

Andrée Adéa Baillargeon artiste peintre

horses cry tears like rain in the desert sun



What’s in a name?

Welkin: the vault of heaven, derives from an Old English word meaning “cloud”.

Also the firmament: ” the apparent surface of the imaginary sphere on which celestial bodies appear to be projected”

In memory of Welkin

One day this horse whose name was Welkin stopped and faced me. He turned his head looked towards the hills and looked at me. Again he looked at me and looked over his right shoulder towards the hill.  Over the roundness of my own shoulder, I saw a tree standing on the hill. It was graceful, I could not remember the last time I actually really looked at it. The sun was shining. I became aware of the slight breeze on my cheeks. Looking back at Welkin looking at me, a voice said:

“I don’t want to be a horse anymore”.

The words echoed through me. A heaviness filled my whole being. For a moment my mind went blank, I could not deny hearing what I had heard. I could not deny it came from Welkin. Tears were swelling inside me, I felt the weight of rocks in my heart. How could this be? How could what I loved the most not want to be.  My dream of becoming a horse trainer cracked open by the experience of the magnificent being in front of me.

Face to face, a silence.

And so began a new story,

a quest between words

into the spaces holding

the broken definitions





Passage, windows and doorways

a journey beyond  grief and death

transformation through gesture, movement, painting and writing

in the company of horses.


rising and falling

again and again



come, come back and dance with me

I don’t know the steps, neither do I

my shoes are too small she said, come barefoot he said

I have nothing to wear, neither do I 


Andrée Adéa Baillargeon artiste peintre

retour à ls pré-histoire


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